1. Fair Dealing 
 MercuryFlooring deals fairly with customers, suppliers and competitors. MercuryFlooring does not take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts or any other unfair practice.

2. Product Suitability, Safety and Compliance 
 MercuryFlooring strives to ensure that the products it manufactures and supplies are made according to the relevant specifications and that quality standards and controls are followed.  

3. Dealing with Customers 
 It is essential to be honest with customers, treat them with respect and dignity and promise only what can be delivered. Satisfied customers are the key to MercuryFlooring’s success. MercuryFlooring’s intention is to earn customers’ continued loyalty every day by treating them fairly and delivering the agreed products and services.   

4. Marketing Practices 
 At MercuryFlooring the products and services are described truthfully and accurately. Misleading customers through deceptive acts or practices, false advertising, misrepresentations regarding MercuryFlooring’s or competitors’ products and services or other unfair methods of competition are not allowed. Communications and proposals, bid preparations and contract negotiations must always be truthful.   

5. Competition Law Compliance 
Competition for business shall be fair and honest. Any activities that distort free competition are prohibited and will result in criminal, civil and disciplinary sanctions.   

6. Confidentiality of Information and Information Security 
 The confidentiality and security of sensitive information concerning MercuryFlooring as well as MercuryFlooring’s customers, suppliers and business partners must be ensured. Information security at MercuryFlooring is based on the principle that non-classified information is freely available within the Company but the availability of some information is restricted to protect MercuryFlooring’s business interests and data privacy. Employees leaving MercuryFlooring must ensure that they leave all Company related data and media with MercuryFlooring and understand that the confidentiality obligations continue also after the termination of the employment. Further information is available in “MercuryFlooring GDPR Privacy Policy”.  

7. Supply Chain 
 MercuryFlooring’s suppliers are expected to follow similar ethical policies and principles as the Code. Employees are expected to report to their manager any incident that raises a doubt about the proper conduct of MercuryFlooring’s supplier. The valid Code of Conduct for Suppliers is available at the website. 

8. Bribes, Improper Payments and Corruption 
 MercuryFlooring and its employees do not pay or accept bribes or other similar payments to uphold or to contribute to MercuryFlooring’s business. Improper payments to anyone, whether authorities, business partners, customers or anyone else, for any reason are not allowed to be offered or made. Business is obtained solely based on the merits of MercuryFlooring’s products and services. Improper payments are not limited to payments of cash or currency but may include anything sufficiently valuable (trips, gifts, etc.) that may be construed as impacting the recipient’s decision-making process. Any employee with questions about whether giving or accepting an intended payment or gift is improper should consult his or her manager or the HR Manager. Violation of anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws may result in criminal, civil and disciplinary sanctions, including termination of employment.
9. Gifts and Entertainment 
 MercuryFlooring and its employees are allowed to provide and accept only modest and occasional business courtesies that do not interfere with the recipient’s business judgment. A manager shall be contacted if there is any question on the acceptability of a gift. Local units are encouraged to prepare local policies including more detailed guidance as to providing and accepting gifts as well as monitoring activity related to gifts. 

10. Money Laundering, Financing of Illegal Activities and Export Controls 
 MercuryFlooring does not participate in money laundering or financing of terrorist, military or criminal activities in any way. If an employee encounters a situation or transaction in which the origin of the funds offered for MercuryFlooring is suspicious or in which there may be a link to financing of terrorist, military or criminal activities, the employee is obliged to seek advice from his or her manager or the HR Manager. The origin and the purpose of use of the funds shall be verified to be acceptable before proceeding.