An Inuci carpet is primarily suitable for (roof) terraces, verandas, pool and jacuzzi areas, boats, saunas and is ideal for camping life. But they can also be used in pool houses, spas, solariums, fitness rooms, greenhouses, shops, hotels, restaurants, showrooms, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dressings ... In other words, an Inuci carpet really makes a difference in both design and use.


Inuci products meet high quality standards for UV resistance, colour retention and abrasion resistance, and they are resistant to chlorine and salt water.


Inuci Ridge is a new development that captures dirt even more efficiently and provides an excellent alternative to the more expensive entrance mat with aluminium grilles.


Within the range, products also comply with the toughest standards, such as fire retardancy, phtalate free, UV resistance, commercial heavy class 33, etc...
Fire retardant class Cfl-s1
Abrasion resistant
Saltwater resistant
100% Phtalates free
Chlorine water resistant
Commercial heavy use
UV resistant