The HygienePlus Solution

MercuryFlooring has launched a new type of floor covering, HygienePlus. The HygienePlus range takes your hygiene care to the next level: visible and invisible, at the microbial level. To achieve this we add an extra treatment to the HygienePlus range. HygienePlus also combats the invisible bacteria and viruses that end up on the mat. Virus and microbe reduction begins at your doorstep.

HygienePlus explained.

The MercuryFlooring product range offers effective solutions for dirt and moisture. With BI-OME treatment we can combat the bacteria, enveloped viruses and fungi that end up on our floor coverings.  

BI-OME works by effectively killing bacteria on contact with the mat. This prevents the development of unpleasant odours. The textile used in our HygienePlus range contains polyamide, a poor breeding ground for fungi.

Our floor coverings are treated with BI-OME, an antimicrobial and virus-reducing technology. The active ingredient in BI-OME more rapidly reduces viral activity in enveloped viruses. 

Porous materials such as textiles are difficult to disinfect. Thanks to the biocide* treatment, BI-OME has a durable viral-reducing effect on surfaces such as carpets. 

The active ingredient in BI-OME can reduce the viral activity of enveloped viruses in 2 hours, whereas the 'half life'** of enveloped viruses is around 4 hours on untreated textiles. This continuous effect keeps floor coverings cleaner with no need for action on your part. Your floor coverings stay cleaner and more hygienic thanks to the effect of the yarns in our HygienePlus range.  

 * See your local legislation for the distribution of products treated with biocide.
 ** The time taken for 50% of the viruses to lose infectiousness.


Maintenance friendly
✔ Elimination of bacteria
✔ Clean at the microbial level
✔ Reduction of annoying odours
✔ Reduction of viral activity in enveloped viruses
Sustainable and ecological
✔ Lower water consumption, less frequent washing
✔ Washing at low temperature saves energy
✔ Does not cause skin irritation
✔ Heavy metal free
✔ Permanent technology


Every HygienePlus quality has undergone intensive testing and is compliant with the following regulations. Testing results and certifications available on request.
Treated with Okotex registered product BI-OME
The Biocidal Products Regulation