At MercuryFlooring, we believe it is important to maintain a process that helps us manage serious risks to individuals, the company, society or the environment.
All MercuryFlooring stakeholders play a critical role in maintaining MercuryFlooring's ethical standards worldwide. 
All MercuryFlooring employees and external stakeholders can report concerns or potential violations online at our website:
Reports must be made honestly and in good faith. People may disclose their names as reporters or remain anonymous. The reporting channel provides a system that protects the confidentiality of the reporter's identity, the identity of others named in the report, and information that may reveal the reporter's identity or that of others. One way of doing this is by restricting access to this information. The reporter is protected from retaliation. MercuryFlooring takes allegations of misconduct and unethical behavior seriously and will take appropriate steps to investigate and address the issues brought to our attention.