It's all about testing

Not just any old product qualifies for our absorber mat range. To begin with, we have to know a material's water absorption capacity.  

Our absorption figures are based on the ISO 9073-6 (2006) Standard test, which is used to measure liquid absorptive capacity.

The International Organisation for Standardisation is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies (ISO member bodies). The main task of these technical committees is to prepare International Standards to assure uniform quality standards. ISO 9073-14 was prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 38 and the figure 6 refers to the Absorption chapter. All set up according to the rules. 

Tests are conducted by independent labs under monitored testing conditions. Our sample is held underwater for 1 minute. After 2 minutes of draining time the percentage of absorbed water is measured. This is repeated 5 times.

Absorption capacity

Want to know the absorptive capacity of your chosen product? You will find it in the product description. Products with an absorptive capacity over 1L/m² are grouped under Absorbing mats.