European Fire Standards


Flammability testing

Flammability testing is without a doubt one of the most important testing procedures within the textile industry.   MercuryFlooring ensures a safer interior environment by increasing fire protection of its floorcoverings to prevent the spread of hazardous fires and in the event of a fire.  Thanks to a single standard throughout the European Union,  this is an obligation for products in construction.  


This regulation provides a distinction in construction products used for residential buildings or non- residential sector. Accordingly, to the NEN-EN 13501 norm, prescribed fire test vary to the end use application.


Fire retardant floorcoverings are an obligation for non-residential projects. This explains why certified fire-retardant floorcoverings are part of our entrance mat professional range for the contract or professional market.     


Assessing the potential fire hazard can only be executed in an independent fire lab. The burning behaviour using a radiant heat source is examined. Besides the smoke production during combustion,  also the heat flux are part of the determining parameters to achieve the correct class.

Classes of reaction to fire for textile floorcoverings

Class B fl and C fl are flame-retardant with limited contribution to fire risk and therefore suitable for our entrance mat professional range and Tiles.

Fire test certificates are available on request with our sales team.

Fire retardant certifications

Fire Retardant floor coverings

Do you want to know if your favourite product is fire retardant? You can check this out in the description of each product. All products with fire retardant capabilities are grouped under Professional Entrance mats.