We will put a smile on your face with our SmileyWorld collection.


Discover our SmileyWorld collection.

Express yourself with SmileyWorld and embody the spirit of the digital revolution. Inspired by the growing phenomena of social and digital communication, SmileyWorld is bold, fun and expressive with collections that are youth oriented, full of ironic slogans, emoticons and our innovative world of self-expression.

Discover our Newmoji collection

Newmoji is a brand which breathes new inspiration into the world of emoji and infuses this phenomenon with the beauty of art and a wealth of creativity.
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Discover our SmileyWorld display.

In need of merchandise displays to support sales at your retail POS? Check out our SmileyWorld display*! 

 Suitable for size 40x60 cm.

Minimum capacity 20 mats per shelf, minimum 80 pieces per display (depending on the chosen quality).

 *Only to be used for SmileyWorld designs.