CE certification


Does CE certifcation apply to floor coverings?

According to Centexbel,the purpose of a label is to certify that a product or service is compliant with a given set of requirements (quality, safety, performance). .

One popular certification is the CE: the European standardisation committee CEN/TC14 developed the harmonised standard EN14041 for carpets, laminates and resilient floor coverings such as vinyl, rubber and linoleum.

 As rugs, runners, etc. are not considered as building materials, CE marking does not automatically apply. We do offer CE certification on children's carpet and contract tiling. Due of the place of use, both products are subject to strict regulation: CE children's toys 2009/48/EC and CE construction products 89/106/EEC respectively.

Children's carpet

CE regulation 2009/48/EC establishes a high level of quality for children's toys. CE certification offers certainty that the product is safe and can be used by children. The requirements relate to the physical, mechanical, chemical and electrical properties as well as the flammability, hygiene and radioactivity of the toys.

MercuryFlooring children's carpet complies with all essential safety requirements. The CE marking is an indication of conformity.

Carpet tiles

The Construction Products Directive (89/106/EEC) is a European directive that establishes a transparent and harmonised standard for manufactured construction goods traded and used in the European Union. Construction product manufacturers may use the listed standards as evidence that their products are compliant with the essential requirements

This directive applies to the carpet tiles in our product range.