What does EN1307 classification stands for?


It is all about resilient floor coverings.

The classification system of textile floor coverings is described in EN-standards by product category.


EN1307 is the classification category of pile carpets that’s applied for our MercuryFlooring products, meaning all carpets and carpet tiles, excluding rugs and runners. EN 1307 sets the standard for resilient floor coverings. 

 Thanks to the classification you can determine if a product is more suitable for domestic use or for commercial use. 


Domestic use 

  •  Class 21 - Moderate Domestic Use 
  •  Class 22 - General Domestic Use 
  •  Class 23 - Heavy Domestic Use 


 Commercial use (contract) 

  •  Class 31 – Moderate Commercial Use 
  •  Class 32 – General Commercial Use
  • Class 33 – Heavy Commercial Use

Its all about testing

In order to receive a class, several identification requirements are checked, and basic requirements like colour fastness, fibre bind are tested. 

  • Fibre composition of use-surface 

  • Dimensions 

  • total thickness 

  • thickness of pile above substrate 

  • total mass per unit area 

  • mass of pile per unit area above substrate 

  • number of tufts/loops per unit area 


Accordingly, Annex A of EN 1307 Carpet tiles must meet additional requirements like:  

  • Minimum total mass 

  • Dimensional stability 

  • Limitation of Curling and doming 

  • Restriction of fraying - Damage at cut edge  

  • Squareness and straightness of edges 

You can check out which product has EN1307 class or other certifications via our digital catalogue.